Monday, June 29, 2015

Bad Weather, Good Service, and Camping

The weather was nasty Saturday.  It started raining around 10:00 AM and wasn't projected to stop until sometime the next day.  A little rain and a light breeze would probably still tempt me, but noooo.  Big gushing thunderstorms, some lightning and over 1.5" of rain projected along with 40 mph gusts.  I figured it was best I stayed out of the water.

The only thing boat related I did was snap a quick picture of the solar panel and charger I installed the previous weekend.  I then edited and included the two photos in my blog post Pulling the Dagger board and Installing Some Toys.

On the plus side my new Dagger board arrived from Boats 4 Sail on Friday.  Talk about exemplary customer service!  I was thrilled that it arrived so quickly, Things are looking like I still might get to head out during my vacation next week.  My dog Maggie decided she wanted to be in the photo.

I still need to grab another quart of bottom paint.  Seems a shame to scruff up a perfectly good board but it beats getting barnacles.

That's it.  Not much going on boat related.  I can only imagine how difficult this blog will be to keep up in the winter time.  I don't know if I mentioned it previously, but I camp as well.  Well, "glamp" (Glamour Camping) is probably more accurate.  The camper is only 25 minutes from the boat so I easily bounce back and forth.

Friday night before the storm came, we were at the camper. Drinking is boating related so here's a picture of me and some friends doing a shot of apple cider moonshine.  I'm the big guy on the left.

We also met a wonderful couple from Canada, William and Audrey who were on a 10 day vacation.  They were working their way down the east coast visiting New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.   We met them on day 14!  Apparently they were having so much fun they didn't want to go back.  All that in nothing but a tent, small car, couple of lawn chairs, and a cooler! Must be a blast to travel like that.  I can't help but think to the similarities of some of the cruisers out there exploring the world with their boat.

Any blurriness in the drinking photos may be attributed to the unintended consequences of imbibing the aforementioned alcohol.

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