Thursday, June 18, 2015

Coming Up With a Name

Thursday 18 June 2015

I have pondered several names over the past few weeks.  I thought of naming the boat “Oarfin” due to the status of the boat in the sailing community.  The boat is kind of an orphan in that she is a MacGregor 26M.  She’s a hybrid.  Part sailing, part motoring, all fun.  Sailors say she isn’t a real sailboat because she has a non traditional hull design and a 50 hp motor on the back.  I have a mast, a main sail, a genoa, rudders, keel, and all the parts that make up a sailboat.  Yes, she is not the fastest sailor in the water, but she still sails great and brings smiles to my friends and families faces.  I can haul ass across the bay like a powerboat when I need to get somewhere faster, or leisure around with a breeze and just enjoy the day going nowhere in particular.

I discovered the only folks that seem to dislike the MacGregor are the ones that have never sailed her.  I find it hard to respect their opinion.  What I discovered instead was a fantastic, fanatical group of sailors that owned, and loved these boats.  Not only that but this same group of folks are out there sailing and not just talking.  Without a doubt the folks at are some of the most knowledgeable and friendliest folks I've never met.  They are visiting amazing locations, exploring new anchorages, and just having a fantastic time of it all.  The Facebook folks are just as great with cool stories, lots and lots of photos, and some videos as well.  I didn’t just buy myself a neat sailboat, but I bought myself into a fantastic group of folks that will bend over backwards to give you good advice or show you a better way of doing things.  This boat is no orphan!

A couple of other names came and went, we tried combing the names of my wife and two daughters, we tried nicknames, we tried silly puns.  Nothing seemed to quite fit.  It was when I brought my wife out that she exclaimed that it was a bit tipsy.  It just kind of stuck.  I tried looking up the name in a few different forms and settled on “Tipsea”.  It just feels right, comfortable and snug, perfect for my new boat.  Best of all, it’s not on any top 10 or even top 100 list of boat names.  I want to have a name that is nearly unique as the boat.

Ordered Boat name “Tipsea” from BoatUS.  8” height, Harrington Font, Shadow to the right x2 (name on each side) for $119.39

edit: I received it the following Wednesday, 24 June 2015.

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